Do you want to be able to carry out co-creation yourself?

Take part in our two-day course.

cocreation Coach Certification

Develop your coaching and facilitation skills!

Immerse yourself in our captivating continuing education programs that are like self-contained adventures – perfect for on-the-job learning. Here you will acquire the fascinating skills to design and lead individual co-creation consulting processes in organizations. You experience what your participants will experience later.

A Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is not just a degree – it is the pinnacle of tertiary education at university level. With a proud 15 ECTS points, it underlines your skills. You will reach this summit with independent modules that sparkle like jewels, as well as a radiant certificate thesis that crowns your achievement.

cocreation mindset

design cocreation workshops

The co-creation mindset is our basic model and the core of any successful collaboration.

In workshops and training sessions, the two core values of connecting people and a co-creative approach lay the foundation for team creativity.

The author and creator of the Co-Creation Mindset, Dr. Georg Michalik, will give you first-hand experience of the opportunities offered by using the mindset in your consulting or leadership work. The co-creation mindset is the basis for all applications of co-creation.

During the two days, we work with the basic model of the co-creation mindset: “I – We – Goal”. Afterwards, you will immediately be able to live and apply the co-creation mindset in your own workshops, meetings and transformation processes.

Leadership Program

Your path to outstanding leadership

Our CoCreating Leadership program gives you the unique opportunity to delve into the depths of these topics, forge innovative solutions and build an impressive network – one that will remain invaluable beyond the end of the program.

CAS Key Account Co-Creation

Your contribution to innovation, sustainability and growth

cocreation and Agility Work have combined their expertise and developed an innovative training program for you – a strong partnership driven by concentrated expertise and a shared passion for co-creation!

The power of collaboration:

Co-creation in the focus of the "CAS cocreation Coach" graduates

The CAS cocreation Coach course enables professionals to adopt innovative approaches in various professional contexts. Graduates share experiences, insights and recommendations for future participants. Find out what recommendations they have for future participants and how co-creation has had a lasting impact on the way they work.

to the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

Part-time academic continuing education programs that lead to a Certificate of Advanced
Studies (CAS) can be completed, offer interested parties the opportunity to
to deal scientifically with a topic and to obtain a degree below a
academic degree (Bachelor/Master). This is used with
credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and is
thus recognizable throughout Europe.

To take part in a CAS, you do not need to have a specific educational or training background.
Professional qualification (university entrance qualification or similar). However, it is important in
As a rule, you should have professional experience, i.e. you should have the opportunity to learn the theoretical
content to tie in with your professional or voluntary work.

No, you can also attend individual modules without an overall degree
to strive for. You will receive a certificate of attendance for each event you attend.
Please note that completion of the cocreation mindset and cocreation process modules is a prerequisite for the
attendance of all other modules.

To obtain the CAS qualification, you must book all five modules and in the course of
complete two consecutive runs.

In addition to attending the modules (at least 80% attendance required), you must
you complete the preparatory tasks and write a written certificate thesis.
This paper is about 15 pages long, requires about 30 hours of work and will be assessed.

You can take missed half-day or full-day blocks in the next session.
free of charge.

Services rendered elsewhere may be accepted, provided they are of the same scientific
standards can be credited to a small extent towards the CAS. For this
A fee of varying amounts is charged depending on the work involved.

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