Margriet Bredewold

Margriet Bredewold

CEO & founder Co-Guard GmbH

Margriet Bredewold has successfully completed the CAS cocreation Coach. We asked her three questions about the course.

What do you want to achieve with your cocreation coach certificate?

Margriet Bredewold:

I integrate co-creation in my work of (safety) performance. And, at the same time, through co- creation, I learn more about other industries and organisations. I believe in the need for strong and supportive networks to gain and keep momentum in a fast changing world and Co-creation as an essential piece that fits that the puzzle of sense-making. I believe it may prove essential in performing successfully in today’s and the future’s complex world. I see my role as building some of the necessary bridges between science, organisations and networks.

What does co-creation mean to you?

Margriet Bredewold:

Co-creation is an agile implementation of optimising performance. Co-creation is developed from ‘change-management’ as a response to an increasingly complex and rapidly changing context resulting in increasing complexity in problem- solving, especially in terms of finding effective solutions. ‘Classic’ change management theories lack in efficiency and especially in effectiveness as the classic planned change ‘from A to B’ has become the exception more than the reality.

A difference with other implementations, is that co-creation is a process that is applicable simultaneously across teams within an organisation, creating agility, trust and space for problem definition and decision making, prerequisites for the creation of effective solutions.

What was one of the best moments during the training?

Margriet Bredewold:

What I enjoy the most of the co-creation course is the learning and doing at the same time. The experience itself is the learning curve. Learning how to work and create with other people, regardless of who they are, but based on what their strengths are, is a rewarding process. Though sceptical at first as we all have bad experiences in life where co-operation failed, my greatest experience was that it worked. Though not without some hard times, we continued. We built the commitment, we listened, we created… over and over again and together.

Thank You, Margriet!

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