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A team of independent experts and coaches

At cocreation, everything revolves around creating synergies, sparking ideas and producing transformative solutions. Our passionate experts bring their knowledge to work with you to create an inspiring environment where creativity and collaboration thrive. Let our team take you on a journey where your potential will blossom and innovations will emerge that go far beyond the limits of the expected.

Georg Michalik

Entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, organizational developer, worked for UBS, KPMG and more. Goal: to get people to think, feel and act together so that they can make the impossible possible.

Kirsten Weiskat

Entrepreneur, coach, organizational developer, lecturer, cocreation partner. 20+ years of corporate HR experience, degrees in industrial and organizational psychology and coaching. Accompany people on their way to #futureofwork.

Manuel Jork

Studied law at the FU-Berlin, NLP master's degree, family therapist. Head of Human Resources for many years. Consultant and coach since 1990. Specialized in cooperation and borderline situations for managers and organizations. At cocreation expert for company interfaces.

Alana Brown

Studies social and communication sciences. Content creator for value-compatible organizations. With a creative interest in writing, she creates convincing content. Responsible in the cocreation team for inspiring content to promote positive change.

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Ready to push the boundaries of the possible? Do you want to be part of a pioneering movement that is shaping the future? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to our page that opens the door to your partnership with CoCreation. We are looking for pioneers, trailblazers and creative minds who are willing to break new ground with us. Our goal? Taking the world of co-creation to a new level!

If you are passionate about bringing ideas to life, finding solutions that surpass the ordinary, and helping organizations unleash their full innovative power, then we invite you to become part of our network.

Our promise

We stand for a movement

We want people to understand that we can only achieve our goal together.

We are fresh, open, relaxed, approachable and attentive. You can tell that what we do is important to us, we take it seriously, but we are not dogged.

We live what we offer: We connect with people to create solutions together We think in terms of solutions and we know that we can shape the future. We give confidence.

And we have principles and values according to which we work. Also and especially towards our customers.

Here's what you get:

We empower people to cocreate. We share our knowledge, train and coach in cocreation.

We certify coaches and remain in contact with our graduates.

We help our partners to build up their own business. We provide them with our brand, our products, our knowledge, our infrastructure and our constant support.

We participate in the public development of cocreation by being visible on social media and contributing by hosting cocreation events, acting as speakers and setting up cocreation labs.

Our vision

Our vision is to make organizations successful by helping them unleash the collective potential of people.

Our mission

We are cocreation. We stand for cocreation in its uniqueness: connecting people and ideas.

We help people to live true cocreation: as mediators, as managers, as politicians, as philanthropists. We enable and empower: Individuals, teams, organizations within and between systems.

We see ourselves as a central hub for the exchange and development of cocreation.

We want to be the place people turn to when they want to learn about and think about cocreation.

Our credo

Genuine cocreation always fulfills the following conditions:

cocreation always starts with the people involved and places them at the center of cocreation.

cocreation works with teams that are empowered to develop their own team personality. To achieve this goal, the team members need to know where each individual's strengths lie, what is important to them and what each of them expects from the common goal.

cocreation is based on goals that have been jointly developed or at least given a common meaning.

Our values

Our values relate to shaping the future together.

They describe what we expect from each other in order to be successful. So it is values that create relationships, because the bond between people is at the heart of everything we do:

Connection: Connecting people and their ideas across levels, systems and institutions.

Commitment: We act in such a way that we do right by those who trust us: We deliver what we promise.

Thought leadership: "We are cocreation": We dedicate our passion to showing cocreation at its best.

Our values are non-negotiable, form our foundation and have a lasting influence on everything we do.

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Our partners

The power of collaboration:

Co-creation in the focus of the "CAS cocreation Coach" graduates

The CAS cocreation Coach course enables professionals to adopt innovative approaches in various professional contexts. Graduates share experiences, insights and recommendations for future participants. Find out what recommendations they have for future participants and how co-creation has had a lasting impact on the way they work.

Our books

Co-Creation. The power of collective thinking.

by Dr. Georg Michalik, illustrated by Katharina Busshoff

Co-creation is more than just a new term. Co-creation stands for a change in the way people think, feel and act in order to be able to perceive, decide and act together more effectively and efficiently. But co-creation is also an attitude: complex problems can only be solved sustainably with openness, trust and transparency. The book explains the co-creation process, which can be carried out in very different situations and time budgets, and describes the applicable formats such as Organizational Co-Creation, Daily Co-Creation, Virtual Co-Creation, Coaching Co-Creation and Leadership Co-Creation. Projects from consulting practice make it clear what you should pay attention to when introducing and implementing the co-creation process.

Language: German or English

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Co-Creation Learning

by Georg Michalik & Volker Schulte

The flipped classroom learning concept originally comes from school didactics. The “time-consuming” development phase is shifted from the classroom to the learner’s private (learning) area. The aim is to apply the knowledge acquired in preparation directly in the classroom and thus achieve greater learning success.

This book is the first to consider the learning concept for the further education sector and, with I-M-P-A-C-T, provides a concept for preparing the learning method for further education. The result is a reorganization of seminars in which participants work out the learning content independently in advance and then attend the actual seminar with their prior knowledge.

Language: German

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Co-Creation Mindset: Eight Steps towards the Future of Work

from Georg Michalik

Co-creation is a major trend in management, yet no one seems to truly know what it is. With numerous examples and a Q&A section, this book explains exactly what co-creation is and how it differs from other forms of collaboration.

To do so, it covers three main topics: innovation, trust and commitment. With regard to the first, co-creation creates a sense of psychological security by treating all participants as equals, the most important prerequisite for finding innovative solutions. In terms of trust, co-creation builds on individual strengths. People who believe in each other’s abilities trust each other. Lastly, co-creation allows people to arrive at win-win solutions, which is the foundation for taking personal ownership.

The book is intended for executives, HR and organizational managers, and those responsible for corporate transformation who want to implement co-creation in a very concrete way, as well as anyone interested in co-creation in general.

Language: English

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Tauche in die spannende Welt der Co-Creation ein und entdecke, wie gemeinsame Innovation unsere Zukunft gestalten kann. Höre rein und lass dich von den Geschichten und Ideen inspirieren, die in diese Podcasts geteilt werden.