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Designing co-creation workshops

cocreation mindset

The co-creation mindset is our basic model and the core of any successful collaboration.

In workshops and training sessions, the two core values of connecting people and a co-creative approach lay the foundation for team creativity.

The author and creator of the Co-Creation Mindset, Dr. Georg Michalik, will give you first-hand experience of the opportunities offered by using the mindset in your consulting or leadership work. The co-creation mindset is the basis for all applications of co-creation.

During the two days, we work with the basic model of the co-creation mindset: “I – We – Goal”. Afterwards, you will immediately be able to live and apply the co-creation mindset in your own workshops, meetings and transformation processes.

12. & June 13, 2024
12. & September 13, 2024
November 07 & 08, 2024

Study location
Dornacherstrasse 192
CH-4053 Basel

1’480 CHF incl. Documents

Your coach

Dr. Georg Michalik

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+41 79 962 84 64

Day 1


At the beginning you will receive an intensive introduction to the attitude and working methods of co-creation through exercises, input and reflection. The idea of co-creation and its roots in literature are shown. This includes an examination of the work of Scharmer, Hüther and others. The model of the co-creation mindset is introduced and its possible applications discussed.

Day 2

Individual and team

On the second day, we will focus on the working model of the co-creation mindset: “I-we-goal”. You learn how participants connect in co-creation The “I” and the “we” are about the relationship between the individual and the team. You will experience how to create strong teams from strong personalities in a co-creation workshop. From there, we move on to the joint “goal finding”. Various ways of achieving a common goal are shown.


Texts for familiarization with the topic

The five cocreation coach modules

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