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Stefan Wolf

Stefan Wolf

Teamleader R&D / CEO & Founder SLP Wolf Consulting

Stefan Wolf has successfully completed the CAS cocreation Coach. We asked him three questions about our training.

What do you want to achieve with your cocreation coach certificate?

Stefan Wolf:

During my work in and with research and development teams, I have observed that misunderstanding and bias prevent the development of potential and thus inhibit innovation and problem solving.

As a co-creation coach, you learn a logical and structured concept in order to dispel prejudices and misunderstandings in the very first step of the process, the “connect”, and thus pave the way for sustainable innovation.

I now consider the resolution of misunderstandings to be my most important management task. Consequently, I also work as an independent co-creation coach.

What does co-creation mean to you?

Stefan Wolf:

CoCreation is a holistic approach that sees the person behind their role. This enables a new type of cooperation, which leads to optimal solutions both in strategic corporate development (e.g. change processes, strategy implementation, etc.) and for specific problems from day-to-day business.

What was one of the best moments during the training?

Stefan Wolf:

To feel the enthusiasm and strength that was triggered in other participants by this program.

Thank you, Stefan!

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