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Sabine Hunziker-Hormes

Sabine Hunziker-Hormes

Deputy Team Leader Reception Radiology at Aarau Cantonal Hospital

Sabine Hunziker Hormes has successfully completed the CAS cocreation Coach. We asked her three questions about further training.

What do you want to achieve with your cocreation coach certificate?

Sabine Hunziker-Hormes:

For me, co-creation is the ideal method to positively influence the work in our team – in addition to the training I have already successfully completed. Big changes are on the horizon and we now have the unique opportunity to draw on the knowledge in our team. I see this as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and create processes that are supported by the team. I want to create a culture in which people treat each other with respect, see each other and emphasize strengths rather than mistakes.

What does co-creation mean to you?

Sabine Hunziker-Hormes:

A small example: A colleague asked me how I deal with the fact that there are people who meet me with rejection. I said: “Look, I can’t change you, but I can set a good example and perhaps I can enable one or two others to do the same. Personally, I expect myself to treat you as I would expect to be treated. What you do with that is your responsibility.” Co-creation has become an attitude for me. Initially I was just curious, but today I see the potential that co-creation brings. Because people want to be seen and want to be listened to.

What was one of the best moments during the training?

Sabine Hunziker-Hormes:

To be able to experience the spirit and energy that co-creation generates. The transfer to everyday working life during the training was fascinating for me: I was able to experience how co-creation had a positive influence on the way my own team worked together.

Thank you, Sabine!

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