This is not Co-Creation

Why build up positions first, when you have to overcome them afterwards with a lot of effort?

To overcome the corona crisis, Germany and France have submitted a proposal and thus adopted a position. As a result, four other states, also from the EU, have drawn up an opposing proposal.

I wonder why we are sometimes making life so difficult for ourselves. In my years in various corporate functions, I have often experienced this: you want to achieve something, you look for allies and then push it through with a lot of political influence. Does that really make sense?

How much easier would it be if we involved all parties right away? Are we afraid that this will result in something we do not want? That we might lose control? But there is nothing more uncertain than the result of a power struggle.

The counter-argument is clear: „It is much more difficult to reach an agreement between six parties, even with different ideas, than between two parties who are in agreement. That is of course true. However, we are only postponing the problem and making it much bigger.

That’s why it is so important to involve all parties from the beginning AND to do it in a way that all opinions are respected, that everyone looks at the problem together and that a common solution can be found. This requires a „re-parking in the mind“ – not only in politics.

This is not Co-Creation
Photo by Alice Yamamura on Unsplash

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