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Fabian Baschung

Fabian Baschung

Process / Lean Management Specialist at Aarau Cantonal Hospital

Fabian Baschung has successfully completed the CAS cocreation Coach. We asked him three questions about our training.

What do you want to achieve with your cocreation coach certificate?

Fabian Baschung:

Inefficient meetings, hours of talking past each other – situations like that are a horror for me. Co-creation contains exactly the right inputs to ensure that this is not the case. I myself draw on this knowledge in my daily work and thus avoid such situations for myself and my team.

What does co-creation mean to you?

Fabian Baschung:

The thinking and approach of co-creation paired with the philosophy of lean management are of great importance for my day-to-day work. Co-creation helps me to make the most of any kind of exchange. Co-creation involves subtleties that have an enormous positive influence on the process and the resulting output. It is precisely this effect that fascinates me.

What was one of the best moments during the training?

Fabian Baschung:

During training, you go through the co-creation effect over and over again. Feeling this in yourself and others almost makes you a little “megalomaniac” and is a really great aspect.

Thank you, Fabian!

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