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Beat Dobmann

Managing Director & Owner Dobmann Consulting GmbH

Beat Dobmann has successfully completed the CAS cocreation Coach. We asked him three questions about our training.

What do you want to achieve with your cocreation coach certificate?

Beat Dobmann:

In my professional work, I see time and again that team members fight each other instead of working together, incentive systems only reward individual performance instead of team results, the target agreement process is more dictation than agreement and leadership is characterized by micromanagement and control.

Efforts to sustainably improve such situations often come to nothing because they do not tackle the causes.

Co-creation is a radically different approach. It ensures that everyone is unreservedly behind the goals and promotes joint performance. For me as an independent management consultant, this is THE prerequisite for better performance with my customers. And the best thing about it: it works reliably.

What does co-creation mean to you?

Beat Dobmann:

Let me give you an example: A team at a customer had not been doing its job optimally for years. In consultation with the CEO, we dared to experiment with the cocreation approach to strengthen the team and thus create the conditions for better performance.

After 2 hours, the team members have already taken a big step towards each other. After 4 hours, they were ready to tackle the task at hand. It was great to feel the energy of the participants and to see how even reserved participants opened up more and more. Reflecting on one’s own behavior patterns then broke the ice completely, because everyone understood why someone reacted the way they did.

What was one of the best moments during the training?

Beat Dobmann:

During my training, I was able to gain practical experience with one of cocreation’s customers. This and the workshop described above, for which I received a lot of positive feedback at the concluding drinks reception, were wonderful and confirming moments that co-creation is a very good method for collaboration and innovation.

Thank You, Beat!

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