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co-creation: a better way to realize your #futureofwork

the ´why´: unfolding the potential of people and organizations 

the ´what´: cocreating joint goals, solutions and implementations

the ´how´- our three main principals:

  1. everything we do starts with the psychological safety of the involved individuals.
  2. secondly we care for the team: We recognize communalities and acknowledge diversity. 
  3. finally we cocreate a joint goal by putting our personal interests on hold.
Mindset and Cocreation

cocreation is about connecting with each other first, so that everyone is involved. In doing so, we arrive at better solutions, high levels of engagement and a shared sense of responsibility.  [read more]

With cocreation, we help you to develop a new, better, co-creative culture of collaboration. Your co-creative mindset will help you to successfully master your challenges today and in the future.

A short, true story: The department was divided. Alliances had formed between team leaders, and there was open conflict. The head of department had his favourites and others he could not get along with. The assignment was to get to the root of the conflict together with the head of department. The coach started with one-on-one discussions. In the process, he observed that each of the people involved had a credible version of events, but that the different versions did not fit together. How could that be?

If you have ever mediated a dispute yourself, you will probably have experienced something similar. The reason for this is that people construct their own reality. In doing so, they condense the story and arrive at different conclusions. However, an amicable solution is only possible if the parties involved recognise the same reality, are open to other points of view and allow themselves to be convinced.  

The more complex the situation, the greater the likelihood that people will construct their own reality and the more difficult it will be to agree on solutions. The VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) poses this challenge to companies and other organisations. They face a growing gap between an ever-increasing number of options and the need for faster, consensus-based solutions.  

cocreation aims to bridge the gap between possibilities and sustainable solutions. In cocreation, people connect to recognise their shared reality, to set a common goal and, from this, to arrive at actions that are binding for everyone. The idea of cocreation is obvious, and more and more people are of the opinion that only in this way is real problem-solving possible.  

Let´s assume, you are part of a great organization. People are giving everything and yet you know you could do better. You ask yourself: what do we need to do differently to reach our full potential?

Here is, where cocreation comes into the play. Dr. Georg Michalik has developed a unique and proven cocreation mindset, process and tools to unlock the potential of individuals, teams and the entire organization. Our cocreation journey takes you from „I“ to „We“ to „Shared Goal.“ Rather than prescribing goals from the top down, we start with employees‘ strengths and make them proud of what they are good at.

We connect their personalities to common team-personalities: a strong „We“. You address people by their head, their heart and their will. By making them part of your journey, you bring the new, the unexpected, the above average into your world.

how cocreation works in your organization

You work with the cocreation-mindset. Your culture will become stronger. From “I” to “We” will put people in the center of your cocreation initiative. You will overcome verticals and silo-thinking. People will love working with you.

You follow a clearly defined 8-step process. For each step, you use our self-developed and proven cocreation tools. You constantly measure results and adjust when deviations occur. Commitment is everything: Our workshop concept is designed for sustainable results.

You boost innovation in your organization with our cocreation labs. You run regularly cocreation workshops in your own labs. We train key people of your organization to run cocreation session as certified cocreation coaches.

#futureofwork is no longer a mystery that others do. Now you are at the forefront of innovative thinking.

cocreation´s two success factors

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