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“My whole life has been cocreation. 

However, I had no term for it. When I was a child, it shocked me when others argued. What a waste of love, time and energy.

After 20 years as a leadership trainer and coach, I asked myself the question, what do we have to do to really meet each other at eye level?

Hierarchical leadership can never be sustainably successful because it deliberately creates an imbalance and then tries to artificially refute it.

At this point in my life I met the German neurobiologist Gerald Hüther, who said in a lecture: „When people truly connect with each other,  then more than cooperation results, then cocreation emerges.“

And that moment was the key to everything I have ever done! Suddenly everything was in place and my own cocreation journey began.”

Dr. Georg Michalik, founder of cocreation.

Dr. Georg Michalik, founder, author, speaker

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