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Reaching Goals together through joint thinking

we stand for a movement

We want people to understand that we can only reach our goal together. 

We are fresh, open, relaxed, approached, attentive, you can tell that what we do is important to us, we take it seriously and not doggedly. 

We live what we offer: We connect with people to achieve our common goals. We think in terms of solutions and we know that we can shape the future. We give confidence. 

And we have principles, values how we work. Also and especially towards our customers.

here is, what you get

We enable people in cocreation. We share our knowledge, train and coach on cocreation.

We certify coaches and stay in touch with our alumnis.

We help our partners to build their own business. We provide to them our brand, products, knowledge, infrastructure and our constant support.

We engage us in the public development of cocreation by being visible and contributing within the social media environment, in organizing cocreation gatherings, as key-note speakers and we set up co-creation labs

our vision

Our vision is to make organizations successfull by helping them to unleash the common potential of the people.

our mission

We are cocreation. We stand for cocreation in its uniqueness: connecting people and ideas. 

We help people live true cocreation: as facilitators, as managers, as politicians, as humanitarians. We enable and empower: Individuals, teams, organizations within and between systems. 

We see ourselves as a central hub for exchange about and development of cocreation. 

We want to be the place where people go when they want to learn about and reflect on cocreation.

our credo

True cocreation always meets the following conditions:

cocreation always starts with the individuals involved and puts them at the center of creation.

cocreation works with teams that are enabled to develop their own team personality. To get there, team members know what everyone’s strengths are, what is important to them, and what everyone expects from the common goal.

cocreation builds on goals that have been developed or given meaning together.

our values

Our values relate to shaping the future together.

They describe what we expect from each other in order to be successful. They are therefore values that form relationships, because the bond between people, is at the heart of everything we do:

Connection: connecting people and their ideas across levels, systems and institutions.

Commitment:  we act in ways that prove those who trust us right: we deliver what we promise.

Thought leadership: „We are cocreation“: we dedicate our passion to living cocreation at its best.

Our values are non-negotiable, build our foundation and influence all our action sustainably.

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Tauche in die spannende Welt der Co-Creation ein und entdecke, wie gemeinsame Innovation unsere Zukunft gestalten kann. Höre rein und lass dich von den Geschichten und Ideen inspirieren, die in diese Podcasts geteilt werden.