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Co-Creation Mindset. Eight Steps towards the future of work.

By Dr. Georg Michalik, illustrated by Katharina Busshoff.

Co-creation is a major trend in management, yet no one seems to truly know what it is. With numerous examples and a Q&A section, this book explains exactly what co-creation is and how it differs from other forms of collaboration. To do so, it covers three main topics: innovation, trust and commitment. With regard to the first, co-creation creates a sense of psychological security by treating all participants as equals, the most important prerequisite for finding innovative solutions. In terms of trust, co-creation builds on individual strengths. People who believe in each other’s abilities trust each other. Lastly, co-creation allows people to arrive at win-win solutions, which is the foundation for taking personal ownership.

The book is intended for executives, HR and organizational managers, and those responsible for corporate transformation who want to implement co-creation in a very concrete way, as well as anyone interested in co-creation in general.