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The Q&A on cocreation

  • cocreation is a way of jointly shaping the future in organisations. 
  • cocreation builds on human connection: knowing yourself, connecting with others and being bound together by a common purpose. 
  • cocreation is an attitude: only in openness, trust and transparency is it possible to find sustainable solutions to complex problems. 
  • cocreation is a process that leads people to consistent cooperation in eight steps. 

cocreation can change corporate cultures, leading them out of the old world and into a new one. 

  • When organisations are looking for a future-oriented form of value creation. 
  • When a major goal or a vision needs to be defined or implemented. 
  • When people are no longer working well together. 
  • When the will to share responsibility is not there. 

  • If there is not enough decision-making authority. 

  • cocreation instead of agile methods: if the relevant structures, processes and attitudes have not yet been clarified, then co-creation is a progressive way to reach that point. 

  • cocreation instead of team development: when the development of a team should be linked to a concrete goal. 

  • cocreation instead of continuous improvement, lean, kaizen, etc.: when the gap between „is“ and „ought“ has become so large that it can no longer be bridged by mere corrections. 

  • Project management: when it is clear why, how and what is to be done, then it is a matter of implementing this through projects. 

  • Process management: when the projects have been implemented and it is a matter of integrating them into daily processes. 

  • Meetings: when cocreation is too exhausting, and you want to switch off for a bit 🙂

An initial measurement is carried out through the Potentialum organisational diagnosis. How successful the measures have been, is determined by follow-up measurements. 

A better question would be: „What is it worth to us if our organisation is successful and the people in it are committed?“  

The cocreation kick-off workshop lasts two days. A lot can come out of it.  The cocreation journey is a life-long journey and never ends.

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