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Learn, practice and apply our unique and self-developed cocreation mindset, process and tools. Our structured and modularized curriculum provides you with all the options tailored to your needs. The immediate applicability of our modules allows you to start cocreating from the beginning. The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is a graduate academic qualification. CAS programs offer specialized knowledge, enabling students to acquire additional qualification in a certain subject area and enhance their professional development. All trainings are offered in English and german.  Get in touch for available dates, content and prices.

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Mindset and Cocreation

Our vision is to make your organization successful by helping you to unleash the common potential of your people.

True cocreation always starts with the individuals involved and puts them at the center of creation.

cocreation works with teams that are enabled to develop their own team personality. To get there, team members know what everyone’s strengths are, what is important to them, and what everyone expects from the common goal.

cocreation builds on goals that have been developed or given meaning together.

“cocreation is about making the impossible possible: there is nothing we can´t do if we do it together.“

Dr. Georg Michalik

cocreation and the 8 steps to the #futureofwork.

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