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Are you a coach who supports organizations in their transformation?
Do you run your own business,  are you part of a professional network or part of an organization?
Do you  want to understand better what cocreation really is?
Do you want to learn how to facilitate cocreation workshops and how to implement cocreation in all types of systems?
And, of course, do you want to get certified to document the value of your skills?

Learn, practice and apply our unique and self-developed cocreation mindset, process and the tools. Our structured and modularized curriculum provides you with all the options tailored to your needs. The immediate applicability of our modules allows you to start co-creating from the beginning. If you choose one of our certification programs, you can call yourself a certified cocreation coach. The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is a graduate academic qualification. CAS programs offer specialized knowledge, enabling students to acquire additional qualification in a certain subject area and enhance their professional development.

By participating in our programs, you become an alumni of our global cocreation community. As your host, we’re always open to your needs. We provide online tutorials, you can sign up for free material, meet colleagues and grow at our legendary cocreation powwows. If you want to dedicate your talent entirely to cocreation, you can even apply to become a cocreation partner.

cocreation is innovation and fosters innovation. cocreation goes beyond the skills of using processes to overcome mental barriers. It starts with engaging people. We believe there is nothing we can’t do, if we do it together. cocreation is #futureofwork and more than agile. cocreation is first and foremost a mindset and method for orchestrating all the good we are capable of. As a cocreation coach, you are opening a new chapter in your personal journey.

All trainings are offered in English and German.

being part instead of taking part!