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The cocreation mindset

As a leader who wants to shape a new, better, co-creative culture of collaboration, you need to ask yourself 2 questions first: 

Do you want to work consistently on a new culture?

Can you let go and are you willing to share the creative authority among everyone?

Sounds simple, but it’s not. Sustainable culture change takes a long time, a lot of energy, and confident, courageous leaders who are willing to take a personal risk. Is that you?

And does this sound familiar to you: One person makes a plan and others execute it in linear process flows? Decision-making processes are done in silos and always nicely from top down? Changes come with little information, little clarity, little involvement of stakeholders and a lot of fear of the future and the consequences? Then:

Stop here! Press the ´Reset´ button!

Mindset and Cocreation

When people connect with each other to create something new together, when they use their collective potential to confront complex problems, when they overcome their fears and realise that their fellow human beings are not a threat, then cocreation can take place. For it is together with our fellow human beings – whether we know them or not – that we must overcome the great challenges that face us. Only then can the new, the necessary, come into being in our companies and in the world more generally. 

It all sounds good, you might think. But how do I bring this into my everyday life?

You got it! That´s exactly the difficulty.

This is, where we can help: Dr. Georg Michalik developed the 8 step process of cocreation. And here you get, what you are promised: mindset, process, tools, professional coaches and a certified training – the proven way to make it work sustainably in your organization.