This is not Co-Creation

This is not Co-Creation

Why build up positions first, when you have to overcome them afterwards with a lot of effort?

To overcome the corona crisis, Germany and France have submitted a proposal and thus adopted a position. As a result, four other states, also from the EU, have drawn up an opposing proposal.

I wonder why we are sometimes making life so difficult for ourselves. In my years in various corporate functions, I have often experienced this: you want to achieve something, you look for allies and then push it through with a lot of political influence. Does that really make sense?

„Vision or Illusion?“

„Vision or Illusion?“

Are you working on your vision or are you wasting time on an illusion?

You know what it is like: a new project comes into being, everyone involved seems to think it’s great, you yourself have high hopes for it, you are enthusiastic and committed. Weeks later, after you have invested a lot of time and heart and soul, it all comes to nothing. You are angry because it was a waste of time, you are disappointed because you feel let down and you ask yourself: How could this happen?

Integration through Co-Creation

„Ideation and stakeholder integration through Co-Creation“

If you want to make the success of your Start-Up sustainable, Ideation should not be a one-time affair and the integration of your stakeholders should become part of your corporate culture. This will enable you to sustainably transfer your Start-Up into the growth phase. But how can Start-Ups maintain the alertness and openness they need?

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