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Transformation begins with the basic framework conditions. This refers to the application-oriented aspects of cocreation, which are primarily: space, available time and the possible forms of cocreation. 

There are different forms of cocreation, depending on how much time is available. From a single hour to a two-day workshop, cocreation offers a range of different formats. 

Another distinguishing feature is the roles of the participants. cocreation can be used as a workshop among employees, as a leadership tool, as a coaching tool or even virtually.

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organizational development | change

When linear processes in organisational development reach their limits, cocreation can be the next step. Cocreation is broad, works at interfaces and connects people completely independently of hierarchies. 

Results emerge from the spontaneously created connection, not from rigid processes. 

In order to do this, individuals learn to trust each other and to function as a whole. People have to be prepared for this and guided in the process.

We accompany your organization with workshops for top management, employees and teams. cocreation can be used as a leadership tool, as a coaching tool or even virtually.

individual | collective
leadership development

For the transformation to succeed, it should become a joint leadership „co-creation“ initiative. 

Managers are embedded in an organisation that has a significant influence on what they do and what they learn.

 A procedure that is comprehensible to all is required, a process,  like the one that is described in detail in our book .

And it requires functions that support the procedure. 

cocreation can be used as a workshop with employees and teams, as a leadership tool, as a coaching tool or even virtually.

cocreation coach | process facilitator

Whether in collectively solving concrete problems or in corporate transformation, cocreation requires support. 

A cocreation coach is a professional who helps guide the cocreation process. Certified cocreation coaches can be independent consultants or, if the requisite knowledge has already been brought into the company, an employee of the organization.

cocreation can be conducted by internal or external coaches as a workshop with employees and teams, as a leadership tool, as a coaching tool or can also be used virtually.

Interested in becoming a certified cocreation coach yourself? 

organizational diagnosis | potentialum

Knowledge, Value creation and Leadership are the success factors of your company for the future. Knowing them is the goal of an organizational diagnosis with POTENTIALUM.

And this is how it works:

  1. You and your employees evaluate your organization in 9 dimensions in a simple online survey.
  2. You see your company’s performance at a glance.
  3. Finished.

If you wish, we will also be happy to accompany you in evaluation, measurement planning, implementation and measurement of success. But it doesn’t have to be.